Vinyl Subscription Box (Monthly)

Vinyl Subscription Box (Monthly)

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What is it?

Get vinyl delivered to your door every month with our most popular plan, cancel anytime. You can skip the months you don't want a shipment and return up to 2 vinyl per 12 month period no questions asked. We'll even send you a FREE vinyl if you make an unboxing video and post it. More on this below.

Your Vinyl is hand-picked from hundreds of new/sealed faith-based titles. Some are rare and vintage, others are new modern 180 grams from your favorite artists of today. All vinyl are new/sealed full-length 12", and in many cases colored vinyl. We won't EVER send you used vinyl. 

How Does It Work?

  1. Select your favorite style(s) of music. Choose as many as you want, but at least 3. We'll pick based on your style(s).
  2. List artist/bands you don't like and we won't send those. 
  3. List titles you already own on vinyl. (No one wants duplicates.)
  4. Select the number of vinyl you want per box.
  5. Order by the 10th and we ship around the 20th. 

Make an unboxing video of you opening your box an post it to YouTube, Instagram or Facebook Live and we'll send you a FREE vinyl in your next box. Don't worry, it'll be based on your music taste.

What's In the Box?

Your monthly subscription box will contain the coolest new/factory-sealed full length vinyl based on your quantity you choose. You'll also get a hand-written note from your curators explaining why they chose each vinyl as well as extras, bonuses and goodies. All vinyl is guaranteed to be in perfect condition or we replace it. Gone are the days of over-promising and under-delivering. Social media and God is watching and we want you thrilled telling all your friends about your experience. 

What Will I Get?

Your box will contain music based on your favorite styles. You will select these above. We will not send you music that is outside of your selections unless you tell us to. Check out our music style examples.

How Much Is Shipping?

Only $5.50 for 1 vinyl, $7 for 2 and $8.99 for 3, regardless of how often you get shipments. 

Can I Return?

You can return any unopened vinyl for a replacement that will come in your next box. We'll credit your account for shipping on the first 2 returns within one year (12 month period). After that you'll pay just $3.99 for your returns, which covers the cost for us to ship out a new vinyl. 

What Artists Have Vinyl?

We are glad you asked.  Many artist are now pressing vinyl,  plus many previous CD titles and now on vinyl. Here is our every growing list of music on vinyl.


Our FAQs are loaded with more information, if you have additional questions.