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Twenty Twenty [Vinyl]

Twenty Twenty [Vinyl]

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Twenty Twenty was a synthesizer led stadium rock band from Louisiana. Their self titled debut was produced by Billy Smiley of White Heart fame in 1985. The follow-up album, Altered, was released in '1987 on Refuge Records and featured a much edgier guitar driven sound.

Twenty Twenty didn’t find commercial success and quickly faded into obscurity after their second project. Lead singer Ron Collins went on to release a solo project in 1992. While guitarist Roscoe Meek and drummer Greg Herrington joined Geoff Moore’s band the Distance. Twenty Twenty’s albums remain some of the most sought after collectible rock albums today.


Band Members:

Earnie Chaney- Keyboards

Ron Collins-Vocals

Greg Herrington-Drums

Gary McAnelly-Bass

Roscoe Meek-Guitars