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This Day Forth by Grave Forsaken

This Day Forth by Grave Forsaken

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Western Australian band Grave Forsaken release their 3rd album, “This Day Forth”. Formed in 2004, this rising thrash band has been polishing their skills with regular recording and live performances, never forgetting their roots with strong influences from the classic Christian metal era. Recent changes in the band have seen the addition of drummer Dave Kilgallon (Mortification/Scourged Flesh), with the band rounded out by Elias Salmela (guitar), Matt Skipworth (bass) and Vaughan Gregory (guitar/vocals). 

1. No News… ain’t Good News
2. Mother of Harlots
3. This Day Forth
4. Celebrity Judge and the Sinners Part III
5. Wasting Power
6. Death Undone
7. Holy Blood
8. Affluenza