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The Very Next Thing [Vinyl] Casting Crowns

The Very Next Thing [Vinyl] Casting Crowns

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Casting Crowns one of the biggest bands in contemporary Christian music started in 1999 by lead singer Mark Hall. The band is based in Georgia and most of the members all go to the same church and are also youth leaders, they make sure they are home every Sunday for youth group! The band started off as just a youth group band for their church. They had one CD, and somehow through a few people this CD got into the hands of Steven Curtis Chapman! One-day Mark Hall received a phone call from Steven Curtis himself asking him if he wanted to make a record with him and his record company. From then God opened up many doors and has grown Casting Crowns into the band we all know today. Casting Crowns have 11 albums out and each one has done very well. They actually have sold 10 million albums in their career! "It is a rare honor to be in a position to congratulate an artist on the milestone of selling 10 million albums in their career," states Terry Hemmings, President/CEO Provident Music Group. "The fact that Casting Crowns has done so, and in a relatively short period of time, clearly speaks to the power of the songs and the message this band has communicated over the last 13 years. It's a testimony to the impact of their hard work and dedication to ministry. We are so grateful to walk alongside Casting Crowns and be part of sharing their music with the world." Casting Crowns is also a Grammy Winning band, they have been nominated for 42 Dove Awards and won 17. 

Track List:

1. Hallelujah 

2. The Very Next Thing 

3. One Step Away

4. Oh My Soul 

5. What If I Gave Everything 

6. God Of ALl My Days

7. When The God Man Passes By 

8. For All You Are

9. Song That The Angles Can't Sing

10. Make Me A River

11. No Other Name 

12. Loving My Jesus