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Five things we do

Redemption Vinyl does a few things.

    1. We connect music lovers that have been driven away from physical product or never experienced physical product back to one of the best ways that music can be experienced, on vinyl. The warmth, the idea of flipping the record over, the jacket, sleeve, gatefolds and inserts.
    2. We are a fit for a consumer problem where consumers want to experience new music. Although platforms like Spotify and Pandora make it easy for consumers to discover new music, the big challenge has been to find music that fits the consumers style and a belief and resonates with them.  Unfortunately Spotify and Pandora have hundreds of million of bands, releases and songs. Beginning is an incredible challenge when you don't know where to start.  What's more, those large streaming services don't give you much access to relatively unknown music, local artist, new music, etc. For example, anyone that clicks on Mumford and Sons will be given the exact list of Related artist. So no matter where you come from and what you listen to you are only given the five artist that Spotify says is "Related" If you already know of them or don't like them, your search ends there.
    3. We connect unknown bands, start up labels and those wanting more exposure to an amazing new fan base.
    4. We connect large labels that are getting back to pressing vinyl for both new and old release to the very audience that wants to buy and experience such product.
    5. We are a platform between the consumers and the brands.  When you come to Redemption you sign up and tell us about yourself, your likes, your dislikes, what you own etc. Your preferences.  Then we tailor a perfect box for you. Our hopes is that once you receive vinyl from us that you'll come back with complete confidence and grab some new vinyl from our store.