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Meet Your Currators

This is where the rubber meets the road. Before signing up for a plan, you want to be reassured there’s someone at Redemption Vinyl who knows what they’re doing and is carefully considering what music to put in your box. We get it. And we won’t let you down. Each of our curators has an impact story which changed their lives forever, brought them to accept Christ, and eventually to us. We set them loose to build out our inventory with hundreds of titles. We are confident we have every artist and band you'd ever want.

Let’s share:  

Greg is a PK and heck of a guitar player. Even though his life revolved around the church, it wasn’t until he attended a Stryper concert that he accepted Christ. Today Greg's life is much different than it once was, he has made it his life's mission to make Jesus famous on the earth and impart wisdom to everyone he encounters and of course help  you fall in love with Vinyl. Greg often states that, "His Love and Vinyl endures forever." Yes, Greg steers the sails on this ship but it's very evident that God is the master commander now in his life. He’s an expert on rock, heavy, and anything that carries a driving beat. Favorite bands: Stryper, For Today, The Showdown, Phil Keaggy, Crowder, Jesus Culture, Bloodgood, Underoath and yes, As I Lay Dying.  Greg's goal is to serve those that are in need of Redemption, because he himself received it. Jeremiah 29:11 is all over this place. 

David accepted Christ after life brought him to his knees, and after he lost every foundation he had once depended upon. Suddenly his only goal was to make it through the day. He turned to faith-based music, and held faith that God had a larger plan for him. His expertise is vintage rock and classic rock. 

Belle is the youngest of the group and very much in tune with the vibes of alternative and anything that falls into the category of contemporary. She listens continuously to the hits on Christian radio. Her life changed after the loss of her father. Faith provided her strength, music provided her joy.

DJ is our Hip hop expert, and we hate to admit it but the coolest of our bunch with an uncanny knack for connecting to people, and leaving them with an unforgettable impression. Christ came into his life when family unexpectedly fell apart.