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List of Christian Vinyl Records

Christian Faith-Based Music on Vinyl 

This is far from a complete list however it contains many of the titles we stock and/or have access to.  Not everything is included in our boxes however a large majority is.

If you see something on the list you would like please send an email to orders@girdermusic.com, visit our store or checkout GirderMusic.com which contains some of the best 70's and 80's Christian Rock, on vinyl and CDs.  

Casting Crowns- Until The Whole World Hears
Heath, Brandon- Christmas Is Here
Heath, Brandon - Blue Mountain
Chapman, Steven Curtis - Joy
Jon Guerra - Little Songs
Third Day - Lead Us Back
Maher, Matt - Saints & Sinners
Casting Crowns - Very Next Thing, THE
Tenth Avenue North - Followers
Winans, CeCe - Let Them Fall In Love
MercyMe - Lifer
Williams, Zach - Chain Breaker

Amy Grant - In Motion (The Remixes)
Consumed By Fire - Giving Over
Crowder - American Prodigal (LP)
Crowder - Neon Steeple (LP)
Hillary Scott & The Scott Family - Love Remains
Hillsong UNITED - Empires Hillsong UNITED - The White Album (Remix Project)
Hillsong UNITED - Zion
Jordan Feliz - The River
Kari Jobe - The Garden (Deluxe Edition)
Kim Walker-Smith - On My Side
Michael W. Smith - Sovereign
Reba McEntire - Sing It Now: Songs Of Faith And Hope Rend Collective - Campfire II: Simplicity
Rend Collective - As Family We Go (Deluxe Edition)
Switchfoot - Where The Light Shines Through
Tasha Cobbs - One Place Live (Live In Greenville, SC/2015)
TobyMac - This Is Not A Test (Deluxe Edition/Vinyl)
Chasing Victory - Fiends LP
Family Force 5 - Business Up Front Party In The Back Diamond Edition 2 LP Vinyl
Five Iron Frenzy - Upbeats And Beatdowns LP (Blue Vinyl)
House Of Heroes - The End Is Not The End 2LP
House of Heroes - Cold Hard Want Vinyl 2LP
Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster LP (Black Vinyl)
The Fray - How To Save A Life 2LP (Buttercream Vinyl)
The Fray - The Fray LP (Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl)
dc Talk - Jesus Freak 180 Gram Black 2LP Vinyl
dc Talk - Supernatural 2LP White Vinyl
A Hope For Home, In Abstraction (Facedown)
Comrades, Lone / Grey (Facedown)
Dynasty, Beyond Measure (Facedown)
Everything In Slow Motion, Laid Low (Facedown)
For Today, Ekklesia (Facedown)
For Today, Portraits (Facedown)
Gideon, Costs (Facedown)
Gideon, Calloused (Facedown)
In The Midst of Lions, Shadows (Facedown)
My Epic, Yet (Facedown)
Rival Choir, I Believe, Help My Unbelief (Facedown)
2nd Chapter of Acts- Singer Sower 
6'10" Humble Beginnings 
A Plea for Purging The Life and Death of 
Adiastasia Life War (Collector's Edition) 2010 Bombworks Records)
Adrian Snell Listen To The Peace (1978 Maranatha! Music
Alice In Wonderland The Story of Alice In Wonderland with Pinocchio as told by The Wee Folk (1977 Storybook Records)
All Star United, International Anthems for the Human Race (1999) 
Altar Boys Against The Grain 
Altar Boys Against the Grain Frontline Records)
Altar Boys Gut Level Music - 2015 Edition (Autographed) 2015 Girder Records)
Altar Boys Gut Level Music - 2015 Edition 2015 Girder Records)
Altar Boys Gut Level Music Frontline Records)
Amaziah Straight Talker: Legends Remastered Volume 1 2011 Born Twice Records)
Amy Fletcher By Invitation Only (1984 Lovesong Records)
Amy Grant - In Motion 
Amy Grant - Tenn Christmas 
Amy Grant, Heart in Motion (1991) 
Andrus Blackwood & Co. The Best Of (1984 Greentree Records)
Andy McCarroll & Moral Support Zionic Bonds (1981 Pilgrim America Records)
Angie Lewis Heart Dance (1985 Power Discs
Angie Lewis What's It Gonna Take (1986 Power Discs
Barratt Band Playin' In The City (Refuge Records)
Barren Cross Atomic Arena (1988 Enigma Records)
Best of Maranatha Volume 2 (1979 Maranatha! Music
Bill Gaither Trio He Started The Whole World Singing (1982 Word Records)
Bill Gaither Trio The Very Best Of The Very Best (1978 Word Records)
Billy & Sarah Gaines (1986 Benson Records)
Billy And Sarah Gaines He'll Find A Way (1988 The Benson Company
Blackwood Brothers That Brighter Day (1985 Riversong
Bloodgood - Bloodgood (1986 Frontline Records)
Bloodgood - Detonation (1987 Frontline Records)
Bloodgood - Rock in a Hard Place (1988 Frontline Records)
Bonnie Bramlett Step By Step (Saw Cut) (1981 Refuge Records)
Brent Lamb One Man 
Brent Lamb Tug of War Milk and Honey Records)
Bruce Greer His Greatness We Applaud (1985 Word Records)
Bryan Duncan Holy Rollin' 
Bryn Haworth Pass It On (1983 Refuge International
Buck & Dottie Rambo Reaching Around the World (1986 Benson Records)
Buck and Dottie Rambo Destined For The Throne (1984 Impact Records)
Candy Hemphill Arms Of Love (1986 Greentree Records)
Candy Hemphill Heart Of Fire (1984 Impact Records)
Capital Kings - Double Album (Self Titled and II) 2LP Vinyl (SMLXL)
Carman A long time ago … in a land called Bethlehem (1986 Power Disc
Carman Radically Saved (1988 Benson Records)
Carson Cole and RU4 Mainstreet (1986 Frontline Records)
Cassietta George A Legend Hope Song
Cathedrals Cathedrals Collection Volume One (1988 Riversong 
Cathedrals Symphony Of Praise (1987 Riversong
CeCe Williams - Let Me Fall In Love 
Celebrate the Glory Truth (1983 Milk & Honey Records)
Celeste Clydesdale Starting Now (1983 Impact Records)
Cheryl Prewitt Blackwood Choose To Be Happy (1985 Eagle Run Records)
Cheryl Prewitt Blackwood Desires of My Heart (1983 Eagle Run Records)
Childrens Sing-a-Song-Along (1986 Benson Publications 
Chris Christian Just Sit Back Home Sweet Home Records)
Chris Cowgill The master's Touch (1981 Ark Records)
Chris Tomlin - Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship 
Christian Gonzales Till The End Of The Night (1984 Refuge Records)
Christine Wyrtzen Person To Person (1986 The Benson Company/ Loveland Music
Christmas Greetings From Someone Who Really Cares (1986 Impact Records)
Christmas In Velvet Derric Johnson's Vocal Orchestra (1984 New Dawn
Christmas Praise (1985 Milk and Honey Records)
Chuck Girard Take it Easy (1979 
Cindy Richardson Crusader (1984 Heartland Records)
Common Bond Anger Into Passion (1987 Frontline Records)
Common Bond Heaven Is Calling (1986 Frontline Records)
Consumed by Fire - Giving Over 
Cristy Lane 14 Golden Hymns (1987 LS Records)
Cristy Lane All In His Hands (1988 LS Records)
Cristy Lane How Great Thou Art (1986 Riversong
Crowder - American Prodigal 
Crowder - Neon Steeple 
Crumbacher Escape! From The Fallen Planet (1986 Frontline Records)
Crumbacher Thunder Beach (1987 Frontline Records)
Cruse Family For Every Heart (1981 Impact Records)
Cruse Long Journey Home (1986 Greentree Records)
Crystal Lewis Beyond the Charade (1987 Frontline Records)
D.O.X. (Deffenders of the Cross) (1986 Frontline Records)
Dallas Holm & Praise All that Matters (1979 Greentree Records)
Dallas Holm & Praise I Saw The Lord (1981 GreenTree Records)
Dallas Holm & Praise Live Rise Again (1983 Greentree Records)
Dallas Holm & Praise Signal (1983 Greentree Records)
Dallas Holm & Praise The Classics Of Dallas Holm & Praise (1985 GreenTree Records)
Dallas Holm & Praise This Is My Song (1980 GreenTree Records)
Dallas Holm Holm Sheppard Johnson (1981 Greentree Records)
Dallas Holm Looking Back at the Best of Dallas Holm (1980 GreenTree Records)
Dallas Holm Nothing But Praise/Songs by Bill and Gloria Gaither (1975 Impact Records)
Dan Peek Crossover (1987 Greentree Records)
Dan Peek Electro Voice (1986 Greentree Records)
Daniel Amos (DA) Alarma (1981 Newpax Records)
Daniel Amos (DA) Darn Floor-Big Bite (1987 Frontline Records)
Daniel Amos (DA) Doppelganger "The Alarma Chronicles" Volume 2 
Daniel Amos (DA) Fearful Symmetry (1986 Frontline Records)
Daniel Amos (DA) The Revelation (1986 Frontline Records)
Daniel Amos (DA) Vox Humana 
Daniel Band Rise Up (1986 Refuge Records)
Daniel Band Run From the Darkness (1984 Refuge Records)
Daniel Band Running Out of Time... 
Daniel Bashta - For Every Curse LP 
David Clydesdale The Day He Wore My Crown (1981 Impact Records)
David Ingles I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You (1977 Impact Records)
David Martin Breath On The Window Pane (1986 Greentree Records)
David Martin Stronger than the Weight (1985 Home Sweet Home
David Meece Count The Cost 
David T Clydesdale Beyond Imagination (1981 Benson Records)
David T Clydesdale Celebrate The Joy (1983 Impact Records)
David T Clydesdale Dreamin' Again (1984 Milk and Honey Records)
David T Clydesdale I Am (1983 Impact Records)
David T Clydesdale Upon This Rock (1984 Impact Records)
Dawn & Hawkes - Yours and Mine LP 
dc Talk - Jesus Freak 180 Gram Black 2LP Vinyl 
dc Talk - Supernatural 2LP White Vinyl
DC Talk, Free at Last (1993) 
DC Talk, Jesus Freak (1995) 
Deal Wears Prada Demon Hunter, 2012 
Degarmo & Key Commander Sozo and the Charge of the Light Brigade (1985 Benson Record Company
Degarmo and Key (D&K) Comander sozo and the charge of the light brigade 
Degarmo and Key (D&K) Communication (1984 Power Disc
Degarmo and Key (D&K) D&K (1987 Power Discs
Degarmo and Key (D&K) Mission of Mercy (1983 Power Disc
Degarmo and Key (D&K) Streetlight (1986 
Degarmo and Key (D&K) Streetrock (1987 Power Disc
Delaine Neece Dearest Friend 
Demon Hunter - Outlive (2017)2014
Demon Hunter - True Defiance
Demon Hunter - Extremist
Devil Wears Prada - Transit Blues
Devil Wears Prada - 8:18
Devil Wears Prada - Space
Chasing Victory - Fiends LP 
Denny Correll Living Water (1983 Myrrh
Derric Johnson A Song... A Star... A Son: A Christmas Celebration (1983 New Dawn
Derric Johnson Beyond the Tomb (1984 New Dawn
Derric Johnson/ Larry Mayfield Colors of Christmas (1979 New Dawn
Derrick Brinkly Glorious Day (1986 Tyscot Records)
Devil Wears Prada Space EP 
Dino A Piano Portrait (1987 Benson Records)
Dino A Place for Us (1986 Benson Records)
Dino A Wonderful Time of the Year (1987 Benson Records)
DMB Band (Dixie Melody Boys) Antioch Church Choir (Uncle Jesse) (1982 Lifeline Records)
DMB Band (Dixie Melody Boys) Run Little Brother (1986 Greentree Records)
DMB Band (Dixie Melody Boys) Streetwise (1985 The Beson Company
Don Francisco Forgiven (1977 Newpax Records)
Don Francisco Holiness (1984 Newpax Records)
Don Francisco The Live Concert (1982 Newpax Records)
Don Francisco The Poet / A Collection Of The Best (1985 Greentree Records))
Don Francisco The Traveler (1981 New Pax Records)
Don Francisco The Traveler (1981 New Pax Records)
Don Wyrtzen and Phil & Lynne Brower Merry Christmas (1986 New Dawn
Don Wyrtzen Sing The Greatness (1984 New Dawn / Singspiration
Don Wyrtzen Unforgettable (1983 Singsperation/New Dawn
Dottie Rambo A New Tradition (1987 Riversong
Dottie Rambo Camp Goo La Mock Ee (1986 Benson Records)
Dottie Rambo Camp Goo-La-Mock-Ee (1986 Benson Records)
Dottie Rambo Dawn By The Creek Bank (1978 impact Records)
Doug Oldham Poet of Praise (1984 Lovesong Records)
East Of The Sun And Other Norwegian Folktales Volume 2 East Of The Sun And Other Ed Raetzloff Drivin Wheels (1981 New Pax Records)
Edin Ådahl Alibi (1983 Refuge International
Elmo Mercer Standing On The Solid Rock (1982 Stamps-Baxter Music
Enter His Gates A Celebration of Worship (1985 Word Records)
Ethan Luck & The Intruders 10"
Evie Loving Promises: From Heaven To Your Heart (1985 Word Records)
Family Force 5 - Business Up Front Party In The Back (Diamond Edition 2 LP Viny)l
Farrell & Farrell Jump to Conclusions 
Farrell & Farrell The Best Of Farrell & Farrell (1984 Newpax Records)
Farrell And Farrell Choices 
Farrell And Farrell Jump To Conclusions 
First Love Band Thin Ice 
Five Iron Frenzy - Upbeats And Beatdowns LP (Blue Vinyl) [PRE-ORDER] 
Flatfoot 56 Toil 
For Today Wake 
Force 3 Warriors of Light 
Forerunner a.k.a. (1984 Refuge Records)
Garth Hewitt A Change In Me (1982 Pilgrim America Records)
Gary Chapman Everyday Man 
Gary McSpadden Seperate Journeys (1984 Paragon Records)
Gary S. Paxton (Some Of) The Best Of Gary S. Paxton (So Far) (1980 NewPax Records)
Gary S. Paxton Diffrent World Of Gary S. Paxton 
Geoff Moore Over the Edge (1986 
Geoff Moore The Distance (1987 Power Disc
Geoff Moore Where Are The Other Nine? (1984 Power Discs
George King Restored (1985 Olde Town Productions
Gideon Calloused 
Glad Captured in Time (1985 Milk & Honey Records)
Glad Champion Of Love (1985 Greentree Records)
Glad Live at the Kennedy Center (1984 Greentree Records)
Glad The Acapella Project (1988 Benson Record Company
Glad Who Do You Love (1987 Benson Records)
Glen Allen Green A Living Fire (1985 Home Sweet Home Records)
Gordon Jensen (1979 Impact Records)
Gordon Jensen His Very Best (1985 Riversong
Gospel Music Association Top Ten Songs Of (1980 (1981 Heart Warming Records)
Harry Robert Browning No Alibis Lamb & Lion Records)
Harvest Give Them Back (1987 Greetree Records)
Harvest It's Alright Now (1982 Benson Record Company
Harvest Morning Sun (1981 Milk & Honey Records)
Harvest Only The Overcomers (1986 Greentree Records)
Harvest Send Us To The World (1983 Milk and Honey Records)
Harvest The Best of Harvest (1986 Signspiration
Harvest Voices (1984 Milk and Honey Records)
Head Save Me from Myself (Autographed) 
Heaven Bound Born A King (1984 Heart Warming Records)
Heaven Bound Ministry (1988 Benson Record Company
Heaven Bound Revived (1986 Riversong Records)
Heaven Bound Revived (1986 Riversong Records)
Heaven Help the Home (1978 New Dawn
Helen Stephens and the Lighthouse Singers See the Glorius Light 
Hillary Scott & The Scott Family - Love Remains 
Holy Soldier - Last Train (Roxx)
House of Heroes - Cold Hard Want Vinyl 2LP 
House Of Heroes - Suburba 2LP Red/Blue Split Vinyl (Limited 300 Albums) 
House Of Heroes - The End Is Not The End 2LP 
Howard G. Hendricks Heaven Help the Home (1978 New Dawn
Idle Cure Idle Cure (1986 Frontline Records)
Idle Cure Tough Love (1988 Frontline Records)
Imperials First Day In Heaven (1983 
Imperials Give Them All To Jesus (1984 impact Records)
Imperials No Shortage (1975 Impact Records)
Imperials The Best Of (1977 Impact Records)
In 3D No Glasses Needed (1985 Refuge Records)
Intrusion Life Messages Impact Records)
Isaac Air Freight Over Our Heads $1,987.00 Frontline Records)
Jack Price Simply Gospel With Brass and More Volume II (1985 Impact Records)
James Ward Good Advice (1985 Greentree Records)
Jan Groth Roots (1984 Refuge Records)
Jars of Clay, Jars of Clay (1995) 
Jazz Dancing 
Jeannie C. Riley From Harper Valley To The Mountain Top (1982 Kingsway Music
Jennifer Knapp - Kansas LP 
Jerusalem Can't Stop Us Now (1983 Refuge Records)
Jessy Dixon Sanctuary (1983 Power Discs
Jessy Dixon Silent Partner (1985 Power Discs
Jessy Dixon The Winning Side (1987 Power Disc
Jim Gill Spectacles Star Songs Records)
Jimmie Davis This One's For You (1983 Canaan Records)
Jimmy Swaggart And it Came to Pass Jim Records)
Jimmy Swaggart Greatest Hits Volume 1 (1985 Jim Records)
Jimmy Swaggart Greatest Hits Volume 3 (1985 Jim Records)
Jimmy Swaggart Greatest Hits Volume 4 
Jimmy Swaggart It's Beginning to Rain (1986 Jim Records)
Jimmy Swaggart Jesus Be Jesus In Me (1987 Jim Records)
Jimmy Swaggart Living Water (1984 Jim Records)
Jimmy Swaggart Songs Of Praise (1984 Riversong
Jimmy Swaggart Songs Of The Old Country Church (1985 Riversong
Jimmy Swaggart Sweet Anointing (1985 Jim Records)
Joran Feliz - The River
Joe English Held Accountable (1982 Refuge Records)
Joe English Live (1984 Myrrh
Joe English Press On (1983 Myrrh
Joe English The Best Is Yet To Come (1985 Refuge Records)
Joe Englsih Lights In The World (1980 Refuge Records)
John Blake Yes, I Believe (1982 Heartland Records)
John Branham Starnes Live... John Branham Starnes (1985 Shiloh Records)
John Fischer Between The Answers (1985 Myrrh
John Starnes It's Real Shiloh
John Starns Holy Holy Holy (1987 Shiloh Records)
John Thompson Crystal Clear (1982 Milk and Honey Records)
Jon Gibson Ain't It Pretty (1988 Man Records)
Jon Gibson Change of Heart (1988 Frontline Records)
Jon Gibson On The Run (1986 Frontline Records)
Jordan Feliz - The River 
Karen Voegtlin Love Explosion (1981 Greentree Records)
Kari Jobe - The Garden Deluxe 
Kathie Hill And Janet McMahan Back At The Creekbank (1983 impact Records)
Kathy Troccoli Stubborn Love 
Keith Green The Prodigal 
Keith Hutchinson Alpha - Omega (1984 Refuge Records)
Kenneth Copeland Great Songs of Praise KCP Records)
Kenneth Copeland I Give You Jesus (1986 KCP Records)
Kim Noblitt (1986 First Vision Records)
Kingsmen Better In Person (1985 The Benson Company
Kingsmen Mississippi LIVE (1987 Riversong
Kingsmen Stand Up At Opryand USA (1986 Riversong Records)
Kit & Jimmy Lloyd In the Twinkling Of An Eye (1978 New Birth Records))
Kojak 2 Exciting Stories Book and Record Set Kojak 2 Exciting Stories Book and Record Set (1977 Peter Pan Records))/ Universal City Studios
Kurt Kaiser The Lord is My Strength (1985 Word Records)
Lanny Wolfe and the Lanny Wolfe Trio Children Of Azusa Street (1986 Benson Records)
Lanny Wolfe and the Lanny Wolfe Trio I'm Gonna Praise the Lord...Any Way That I Can (1984 Impact Records)
Lari Goss (1987 Benson) 20 Piano Hymns Featuring
Lari Goss 20 Piano Hymns Volume One 
Larnelle Harris From a Servant's Heart (1986 Benson Records)
Larnelle Harris Give Me More Love In My Heart (1981 Impact Records)
Larnelle Harris I've Just Seen Jesus (1985 Impact Records)
Larnelle Harris The Father Hath Provided (1987 Benson
Larnelle Harris Touch Me Lord 
Laura Compton Nothing Compares Greentree Records)
Laura Lee Jesus is the Light of my Life (1983 Word Records))Limited
Laury Boone Browning -Thursday's Child Benson Records)
Lecrae - Anomaly 
Len Mink Free In the Name (1985 KCP Recprds
Lenny LeBlanc Person to Person (1984 Heartland Records)
Leon Patillo Love Calling (1984 
Leslie Phillips Black And White In Grey World 
Lewis McVay Coming Attraction (1984 Heartland Records)
Liberty A Musical Celebration of Freedom New Dawn
Linda Dove If We Have Love (1986 Benson Records)
Linda Dove Linda Dove (1984 Greentree Records)
Linda Evans (1984 Good News Records)
Lord Burgess Rides Again Cherry Lane Records)
Loyd Thogmartin Simple Direction Rooftop Records)
Lynne Brower & Carol McMillen Agapaopolis (1985 Singspiration
Mad At The World (1987 Frontline Records)
Mad At The World Flowers in the Rain (1988 Frontline Records)
Marcel McArthur Face to Face (1984 GMI Records)
Margaret Becker The Reckoning 
Mari John Lord, Let Me Leave a Song (1978 Word Records))Limited
Marietta Wolfe I Love to Praise Him (1984 Impact Records)
Mark Farner Just Another Injustice (1988 Frontline Records)
Mark Heard Ashes and Light (1984 Home Sweet Home Records)
Mark Heard The Best Of "Acoustic" (1985 Home Sweet Home Records)
Mars Hill Citizens 
Martyn Joseph Sold Out (1986 Ears & Eyes Music
Masters V Sing Me a Song About Jesus (1987 Riversong
Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster LP (Black Vinyl) 
Mel Carter Willing (1984 Onyx International Records)
Michael Card Legacy (1983 Milk & Honey Records)
Michael W. Smith - Sovereign 
Michael W. Smith, Change Your World (1993) 
Michel Card Legacy (1983 Milk and Honey Records)
Mickey & Becki Moore Love Song For Number TWO (1981 Maiden Music/ (1985 Singspiration Milk and Honey Records)
Morris Chapman Lately 
Motherfolk - Fold LP 
Mortification - Break the Curse
Mortificaiton - 
Murrell Ewing Moments (1986 Benson Records)
Mxpx, Life in General (1998) 
Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart Sheep In Wolves Clothing 
Nancy Roberts Kid's World (1982 Singspiration
Newsboys, Take Me To Your Leader (1996) 
Nobody Special Nobody Special (1987 Frontline Records)
Noel Paul Stookey & The Bodyworks Band Wait'll you hear this! (1982 New Pax Records)
nsyderz, Skalleluia (1999) 
Nyves Anxiety 
Nyves Anxiety 
Oak Ridge Boys Gospel Express (1981 Heart Warming Records)
Oak Ridge Boys Hometown Gospel (1986 Riversong
Oak Ridge Boys Vintage Oaks (1987 Riversong
OC Supertones, Adventures of the OC Supertones (1997) 
Paul Clark Out Of The Shadow (1984 Myrrh )
Paul Field Building Bridges (1985 Word Records)
Phil Driscoll Classical Hymns Volume One (1988 Mighty Horn Records)
Phil Driscoll Instrument of Praise 
Phil Driscoll Make Us One 
Phil Driscoll Spirit of Christmas 
Phil Johnson & Kim Peery ū nō Who (1985 Greentree Records)
Phil Keaggy The Master & the Musicin 
Phill McHugh In Heaven’s Eyes (1986 First Vision Records)
Plankeye, The One and Only (1997) 
Priority Priority (1985 Impact Records)
Priscilla Engle Pricilla Engle (1986 Frontline Records)
Prodigal Electric Eye 
Prodigal Just Like Real Life (1985 Heartland Records)
Prodigal Prodigal (1982 Heartland Records)
Project 86, Project 86 (1998) 
Rambo McGuire Enlistment (1987 Benson Record Company
Rambo McGuire Plain and Simple Truth (1986 Benson Record Company
Rambo McGuire Special Moments From The Bride (1984 Impact Records)
Rambo Reunion (1981 Heart Warming Records)
Rambos Rambo Country Impact Records)
Rambos The Best of (1972 Heart Warming Records)
Re'generation Walk on the Water (1981 New Dawn
Reach Out Singers Everyday A Celebration! (1985 impact Records)
Reality Check, Reality Check (1997) 
Rebecca St. James, God (1996) 

Relient K - Forget And Not Slow Down 2LP (Brown Vinyl)
Relient K - Five Score And Seven Years Ago 2LP (Clear with White and Green Smoke)
elient K - Air For Free 2LP (180 Gram White Vinyl+Download Card)
Relient K - Two Lefts Don't Make A Right But Three Do 2LP (Split White/Orange Vinyl)
Relient K - The Anatomy Of The Tongue In Cheek 2LP (Clear Vinyl)
Relient K - MMHMM 2LP (Gold Vinyl)
Relient K - 7" Vinyl Series I (Creepy, Vinyl Countdown I & Vinyl Countdown II)
Relient K - 7" Vinyl Series II (Apathetic, Karaoke I & Karaoke II)
Relient K - Collapsible Lung LP (Red Vinyl)
Relient K - Live 2009 (10" LP)
Relient K - 7" Vinyl Series III (Selfie I, Selfie II & Capitol Studios)
Relient K - Air For Free Split-Color Limited Edition.ev. Lawrence Roberts and the Angelic Choir From Us to You New Birth Records)
Rev. Morton Jesus, When Troubles Burden Me Down 
Rez Band Between Heaven N' Hell 
Rez Band Hostage 
Rez Band Live Bootleg 
Richard Smallwood Singers (1982 Onyx International Records)
Richard Smallwood Singers Psalms (1984 Onyx International Records)
Rick And Sylvia Powell God's Kids (1987 Everlasting Spring
Rick Cua Koo'-Ah (1982 Refuge Records)
Rick Cua No Mystery (1983 Refuge Records)
Riversong All The Best From Sandi Patti/ Harvest/ Twila Paris/ Michael Card/ Wayne Watson/ Sephanie Boosahda (1984 Milk and Honey Records)
Robbie Hinder Sweet Communion Agian Impact Records)
Robs Cassels Band Off The Wall 
Robyn Pope Always Robyn. (1983 Rooftop Records)
Robyn Pope Let Them Know (1986 
Ronn Huff / The Oklahoma Baptist Festival Choir With The Singing Churchmen A Hymn Celebration of Worship and Praise / Majesty (1981 Paragon Records)
Ronn Huff O Magnify the Lord: A Christmas Service of Worship (1984 Word Records)
Ronn Huff Project First Thoughts (1983 Word Records)
Royal Alexandria Symphony Just Hooked By Gospel (1983 New Dawn
Russ Taff Walls of Glass 
Rusty Goodman Hits Cannan Recordings
Rusty Goodman The NewestThing Around canaan
Rusty Goodman To Be Honest With You (1987 Benson Records)
Sacred Warrior - Masters Command
Saint - Hell Blade (2 LP) (Roxx)
Sandi Patti Lift Up the Lord 
Sandi Patti Love Overflowing (1981 Impact Records)
Sandi Patti More Than Wonderful (1983 Impact Records)
Sandi Patti Sandi's Song (1979 Benson Record Company
Sandi Patti Songs From the Heart (1984 Impact Records)
Saviour Machine 
Semaja No Burning Out (1984 Refuge Records)
Servant Caught in the Act of Loving Him Roof Top Records)
Servant World Of Sand (1983 Roof Top Records)
Sesame Street My Name is Roosevelt Franklin Pickwick Records)
Sha La Vah - Christmas Sampler December’s Retreat (1986 Shalavah Records)
Sha La Vah - Connie McCollister Strings of Solitude (1986 Shalavah Records)
Sha La Vah - Lari Goss Cheryl Jones Rogers Reflections of Ivory (1986 Shalavah Records)
Sha La Vah - Paul Carrol Binkley Silent Serenade (1986 Shalavah Records)
Sha La Vah Mark Baldwin- Guitar (1987 Benson Record Company
Sheila Walsh Don't Hide Your Heart 
Shout It Won't Be Too Long 
Singing Americans Everybody Ought To Praise His Name (1983 Riversong
Sixpence None the Richer, Sixpence None the Richer (1998) Plumb, candycoatedwaterdrops (1999) I
Skillet - Unleashed 
Skillet - Rise 
Slechtvalk The War That Plagues The Land 
Speers One More Time (1986 Riversong
Speers Promises To Keep (1978 Heart Warming Records)
Speers Rejoicing 
Speers Steppin' Out On Faith (1986 Riversong
Speers Sunday Morning Singin' (1984 Riversong
Speers The Speers Live (Featuring the Speer Sisters) (1983 Heart Warming Records)
Spirit of Praise Songs of Praise for All Ages (1984 Word Records)
Spoken - Breathe Again LP 
Squire Parsons His Very Best (1984 Heart Warming Records)
Squire Parsons It Is The King Of Kings (1984 Heart Warming Records)
Squire Wind, Rain & Fire (1985 The Beson Company
Star Trek Book & Record Set (1979 Peter Pan Records)
Star Trek Book & Record Set (1979 Peter Pan Records) 
Star Trek Book And Record Set 
Stephanie Boosahda Fearless To Follow (1984 Milk and Honey Records)
Stephanie Boosahda I Know that I KNow 
Stephanie Boosahda One In A Million (1980 Newpax Records)
Stephanie Boosahda Sing The Glory (1983 Milk & Honey Records)
Stryper In God We Trust (1988 Enigma Records)
Stryper Soldiers Under Command (1985 Engima Records)
Stryper To Hell With The Devil (1986 Enigma Records)
Stryper Yellow and Black Attack (1986 Enigma Records)
Sue Dodge You're Still Lord (1985 Impact Records)
Sweet Comfort Band Hold On Tight! 
Switchfoot - Where The Light Shines Through 
Switchfoot – New Way to be Human (1999)
Switchfoot - Nothing is Sound
Switchfoot - Oh Gravity
Ted Sandquist Let The Whole Earth Be Filled (1984 Paragon Records))
Tenth Ave North - Followers
Terry Scott Taylor Briefing For The Ascent (1987 Frontline Records)
The Archers Spreadin' Like Wildfire 
The Call Red Moon 
The Cathedral Quartet Especially for you (1985 Riversong 
The Cathedrals Voices in Praise/ A Cappella (1983 Riversong Records) 
The Front The Front Refuge Records)
The Hemphills Excited! (1985 Heartwarming Records)
The Hemphills I Can Smile (1986 Riversong Records)
The Hempills Revival (1987 Benson Record Company
The Kids Praise Album The Kids Praise Album (1980 Maranatha Music
The Lanny Wolfe Trio Have A Nice Day (1977 Impact Records)
The Lewis Family Crowd Pleasers LIVE (1987 The Benson Co.
The Lewis Family Generation to Generation (1986 Riversong 
The Rambos Diamond Celebration (1986 Riversong Records)
The Rob Cassels Band Kamikaze Christian 
The Runners Workout 
The Sons of Calvery Spreading the Word (1981 New Birth Records)
The Spurrlows We Are His Temple (1987 Benson Record Company
The Thomas Road Baptist Church Old-Time Gospel Hour Ministry Look Up America (1983 Impact Records)
Third Day, Conspiracy No. 5 (1997) 
Tim & LaDonna (1986 Stronghold Records)
Timothy Wright Concert Choir Moving In the Spirit Recorded Live (1980 New Birth Records)
Timothy Wright Voices of Friendly (1983 New Birth Records)
tobyMac - Eye On It Deluxe Edition 2LP tobyMac - Portable Sounds 2LP 
tobyMac - Tonight 2LP Deluxe Edition 
Tobymac: This Is Not A Test 
Tom Franzak Shadowboxing (1985 MyrrhLA.Word
Tom Franzak Shadowboxing(Autographed) (1985 MyrrhLA.Word
Tom Franzak Walk That Talk (1983 MyrrhLA.Word
Tom Franzak Walk That Talk(Autographed) (1983 MyrrhLA.Word
Tom Howard & Bill Bastone One by One (1985 A&S Records)
Tony Elenburg First Things First (1986 Greentree Records)
Truth Second To None (1984 Paragon Records)
Truth Wind Of The Spirit (1985 The Benson Company
Twenty Twenty (1985 Benson Records)
Twila Paris Keepin' My Eyes On You (1982 Milk & Honey Records)
Twila Paris The Best of Twila Paris (1985 Milk & Honey Records)
Ulf Christiansson In My Dreams (1982 Lamb & Lion Records)
Ultimatum - Puppet of Destruction (Roxx)
Ultimatum - Heart Of Metal (Roxx)
Various/Compilation (Brent Lamb, Angie Lewis, Jessy Dixon) Just A Hand Not A Handout Lend A Hand (1986 Power Discs
Various/Compilation / Don Marsh Purest Praise (1985 Impact Records)
Various/Compilation / Riversong All The Best Volume One (1984 Riversong
Various/Compilation / Riversong Revival (1985 Riversong
Various/Compilation A Heart Warming Christmas (1984 Heart Warming Records)
Various/Compilation A Riversong Christmas (1986 Riversong
Various/Compilation AirRaves: Christian Radio's Best (1986 Greentree Records)
Various/Compilation Alleluia (1973 Impact Records)
Various/Compilation Best Of All (1984 The Benson Company
Various/Compilation Campmeetin' Time Volume Five (1984 Heart Warming Records)
Various/Compilation Canaan Classics (1982 World Records)
Various/Compilation Celebrate the Son Heartland Records)
Various/Compilation Christmas Rhapsody: A Special Christmas Experience (1982 New Dawn
Various/Compilation Christmas Rhapsody: A Special Christmas Experience (1982 New Dawn
Various/Compilation Destined To Win (1986 Benson Records)
Various/Compilation Faithful (1984 Power Discs
Various/Compilation Great Christmas Duets (1983 Paragon Records)
Various/Compilation Great Inspirational Christian Duets (1983 Paragon Records)
Various/Compilation Heart Warming Hits (1986 Riversong Records)
Various/Compilation Hymns for God's Family (1986 Riversong
Various/Compilation Hymns for God's Family (1986 Riversong
Various/Compilation Jesus Is Coming (1973 Singcord
Various/Compilation Joe E. Parks Alive! (1978 New Dawn
Various/Compilation Joe E. Parks I Stand Amazed (1985 New Dawn/Singspiration
Various/Compilation Lift Him Up Volume 3 (1984 Impact Records)
Various/Compilation Praise To The Father (1984 Paragon Records)
Various/Compilation Real Rock Remembered (1986 Power Disc
various/Compilation Request Gallery (1985 Riversong
Various/Compilation Rock Around The World (1984 Refuge Records)
Various/Compilation Ronn Huff & Larry Mayfield The Best Of Free Spirit (1980 Benson Records)
Various/Compilation Supreme Praise (1980 Singspiration/New Dawn
Various/Compilation There's A Redeemer (1986 Greentree Records)
Various/Compilation This Is Christmas (1982 New Dawn
Various/Compilation Treasures: Great Hymns & Gospel Songs Of The Christian Faith Impact Records)
Various/Compilation You Are Here Mercy Records)
Vision Vision (1985 Heartland Records)
Walt Harrah Dawn Of Promise: A Christmas Musical (1982 Word Records)
War of Ages Supreme Chaos
SAVING GRACE- The Urgency (Facedown)
THOSE WHO FEAR- Unholy Anger (Facedown)
WAR OF AGES- Pride Of The Wicked (Facedown)
Wayne Watson Man In The Middle (1984 Milk and Honey Records)
Wild Blue Yonder Wild Blue Yonder (1986 Frontline Records)
With Increase Death Is Inevitable 
Jars of Clay: Jars of Clay
Jars of Clay: 20,
Jars of Clay - Inland
For King & Country: Run Wild, Live Free,
For King & Country - Love Strong
Capital Kings: Double Album (Self titled & II)
Relient K: 5 Score & 7 Years Ago,
Needtobreathe: Hardlove,
Needtobreathe: Live From The Woods
Mae - Destination: Beautiful, Destination
Mae - B-Sides, 
Mae - The Everglow