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How Does It Work?

Subscribe by choosing your music style(s) (rock, metal, hardcore, vintage rock, classic metal, alternative, Hip hop, worship, contemporary, and/or southern gospel). Choose at least three. We'll pick based on your styles. List artists/bands you don't like and we won't send those. List titles you already own on vinyl. No one wants duplicates. Then tell us the number of vinyl you would like to receive each month (2 or 3), and the length of your subscription (monthly, 3 month prepaid, 6 month prepaid). From there, we will hand-pick your vinyl, pack it with your bonus items, and send it around the 20th of the month! 

When will I get my first vinyl box?

We ship on or around the 20th of each month. Once shipped, domestic orders typically take 2-5 days depending on your location. If you're a new subscriber, we ask that you sign up by the 10th of the month. If you sign up after the cutoff date, you'll get the upcoming month's box.


If you sign up on March 8th, your first box will ship on or around March 20th

If you sign up on March 12th, your first box will ship on or around April 20th.

What If I don't like my first box?

We're sure you'll love it.  But for whatever reason you don't like your first box, simply return the vinyl unopened and we'll credit you back $100 of your money. 

** All vinyl must be returned unopened at the customers expense and you must contact us first so that we can provide you a return authorization number. 


Vinyl Subscription