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Christians In a Band, Christian Band Members... What should I listen to?

Christians in a band, a Christian Band, a shout out of Thank You God in the credits.... Maybe we put too much emphasis on the band and the people in the band.  We believe the emphasis should be on the content. People will fail us, yes even your favorite artist. I remember when one of my favorite bands King's X lead singer came out and said he was gay, I was so bummed. I also remember Jennifer Knapp, an amazing writer came out and stated that she was also gay.  And how about that huge metal band As I Lay Dying, when Tim Lambesis was found guilty of hiring a hit man to kill his wife and is now serving a prison sentence. People are people and people fail.  It's that simple.  People failing us, is not reserved for those who don't have big record contracts. 

Think of it this way, as a Christian, if Eminem came out with a song singing about Jesus, we just might applaud him.  However if all the sudden David Crowder or insert your favorite Christian band here dropped an F-Bomb, do you think that your non-Christian friends would say, "Cool, I'm going to listen to him now?" Probably not. 

How would feel if you found out that your favorite artist lied to the audience. What about just stretched the truth a little? What about just a little, but at the last 25 shows, for that last 10 years?  Isn't a mistake a mistake and sin a sin.  Isn't it all suppose to be forgiven? 

I guess what I am getting at is that we should be listening to music for 2 reasons.  One the entertainment and enjoyment of a good beat, great musicianship, and talent, the other, as a Christian is the message. Not because someone calls themselves a Christian band.

So to digress, there are a ton of great bands out there that are Christians, there are Christian members that are in bands, and there are bands that don't define themselves as a Christian band, but you might be surprised to find they live a life that honors God or at least make valiant attempts.  So go find good music with a good message and be at peace with it.  You don't only go to Christian gas stations, Christian grocery stores, or watch Christian movies, although there are many great ones. The Apostle, The King and I just to name a few.  

There are also great cross-over bands that are worth checking out. 

The Fray
Jars of Clay
Relient K
Owl City
TwentyOne Pilots